How to use Sales Area Management Tool...
It's is very simple - just draw a shape on the map, or click on a polygon, or type in or paste a list of locations. Repeat the step for each sales territory you want to create, and then save your creation to edit at a later date...


  • Contact Client Support Team on to arrange your subscription
  • Nominate a preferred geography to use as a base for creating your custom territories (e.g. Australia - Postcodes - 2011 ABS version or US - ZIP Codes - 2011 version)
  • Subscriptions are available on a 3 and 12 months basis


  • Click on "Add New Area" to start creating your custom territory
  • Select polygon, rectangle or circle option to draw a shape on the map, or simply click on polygons appearing on the map to add to the list
  • Shapes can be edited and the polygons added in the last step will be adjusted; you can also remove the selection added in the last step by using "delete" button
  • Alternatively, type in the name/number or paste a list into the text area - duplicates and invalid codes will be marked for your information
  • The tool has a comprehensive conflict resolution capability that prevents adding the same polygon to more than one area - each time a polygon that belongs to a different area is selected you will have a choice to reassign it to the currently edited area
  • Colours and transparency of individual areas can be adjusted according to your preferences
  • When you finish creating/ editing the area, simply click "Done" to lock in your selection
  • Download final result as a CSV file for use in third party applications AND in JSON format to reuse with Sales Area Management Tool at a later data (eg. when you need to edit previously created areas or create a subset)
  • For additional information see Sales Area Management Tool with Postcodes


  • Sales, franchise and dealership areas defined in this tool can be imported into an advanced spatial analytics tool called Thematic Mapper - this will allow combining your own sales and customer data with demographic statistics and other relevant market information
  • Contact our Client Support Team to arrange access

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